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Christmas gift Boxes | Candles | Room Sprays | Car Diffusers | Home Decor | Natural xoxo

Christmas gift Boxes | Candles | Room Sprays | Car Diffusers | Home Decor | Natural xoxo

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Scent (For Box No 4 & 5 only)

Christmas is coming and we know how much our family and friends like to open cute & good-smelling gift box so we are very happy to introduce you to our gift boxes! All decorative candles have a Brown Sugar scent.


1. Gift Box No. 1 includes a: Christmas Tree decorative candle, a Snowflake decorative candle & 4 OZ scented candle (Pine, Roasted Pinecones & Balsam Fir scent)

2. Gift Box No. 2 includes: Christmas Tree decorative candle, 2 x Snowflake decorative candle & Gingerbread Man decorative candle

3. Gift Box No. 3 includes: 2 x Christmas Tree decorative candle, Snowflake decorative candle & 2 x Gingerbread Man decorative candle

4. Gift Box No. 4 includes: Wooden Christmas Tree candle bowl (Pine, Roasted Pinecones & Balsam Fir scent), Room Spray & Snowflake decorative candle

5. Gift Box No. 5 includes: Car Diffuser, Room Spray, Christmas Tree decorative candle & 2 x Snowflake decorative candle.

IMPORTANT! If you selected Gift Box No 4 or 5 please choose a scent for Car Diffuser and/or Room Spray.

Scents for Car Diffusers & Room Spray can be chosen from the following:
1. Sweet Like Kisses - Honey, Vanilla & Light Spices
2. Dreamy Lavender - Lavender, Eucalyptus & Rosemary
3. Sincere - Cashmere, Brown Sugar & Moss
4. Desert Sweets - Sandalwood, Lemon & Patchouli
5. Tropicana - Melon, Mandarin & Pineapple
6. Caramel Popcorn - Caramel, Butter & Popcorn.

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- Never leave the candle unattended
- Keep away from kids, pets and flammable objects
- Remove candle decorations before burning
- Trim the wick regularly to prevent a high flame
- Burn for at least an hour and no longer than 3 hours